About GBIF.ES Lines of action

Lines of action

The main foundation of our activity rests upon the following tasks, which are carried out constantly and routinely, without a defined time frame:

  • Biodiversity data hosting and publication service.
  • Biodiversity data visualization, consultation and downloading service.
  • Conducting training workshops.
  • Developing biodiversity data management and publication tools.
  • Providing user support.
  • Disseminating events, news, calls, etc. related to GBIF.

Furthermore, we undertake or reinforce projects that expand these activities every year.

Currently, we are working on the following lines:

A. Maintenance of the National Biodiversity Data Portal and implementation of new functionalities

This line involves:

  • Updating the underlying code of the platform.
  • Implementing the Usage Statistics Module (Logger).
  • Implementing the Space Module.
  • Enabling access to Spanish Atlas data from R.
  • Improving and updating the Regions module.
  • Improving and creating documentation aimed at the end user of the Atlas.
  • Providing community support through the Living Atlases Community of Practice.

B. Promotion of Citizen Science initiatives for biodiversity data collection

Several actions are undertaken:

  • Management and administration of Natusfera, the Spanish node of iNaturalist.
  • Promoting the use of Natusfera accross different areas and sectors.
  • Providing personalized support for Natusfera users.
  • Active participation and monitoring of projects on the platform.

C. Management, quality, publication and use of biodiversity data and associated software

This line involves the following activities:

  • Promoting the use of Elysia.
  • Participating in the development of the web version of Elysia.
  • Publishing a new version of Darwin Test.
  • Publishing data sets containing species information in the Plinian Core format on the platforms datos.gbif.es and gbif.org.