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Rafael Farriols




Paratge del Pi Solitari s/n
08182 San Feliu de Codines

Cim d' Àligues S.L.


Cim d’Àligues (Eagle’s Peak) is a centre unique in Spain in its kind, created for the study, breeding, exhibition and free-flight of birds of prey. The idea to create Cim d'Àligues arose from Rafa Farriols who has been passionate about birds of prey since he was a little boy. Time went by and, after visiting several centres throughout Europe, the project began to take shape. In March 1994, after nearly three years of searching for a place, applying for authorisations, filling forms, and doing preparation work, Cim d’Àligues opened its doors. Although the official opening did not take place until June that year it was the first specialised centre for birds of prey created in Spain. In the beginning we had a work-team of four and twenty birds of prey. Nowadays six persons work full-time. In addition to this support personnel (instructors) work during the school terms, and we also have some enthusiastic volunteers. We now have about 100 birds of 28 different species at the centre, organised in two different zones: the cages and exhibition area, for their exhibition and flight, and the breeding area.

Overall information


To inform in a pleasent form about the characteristics, peculiarities and status in the environment of birds of prey.


To breed birds of prey in collaboration with private and public institutions.

Taxonomic coverage

Scientific names

todo(s) Aves.

Common names

todo(s) aves de presa.

Geospatial coverage

todo(s) mundial.

Temporal location

Temporal coverage

todo(s) taxón existente.

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