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Álvaro Martín Sánchez

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Jacobo Maldonado González


91 5523193


Calle Amador Valdés, 14. Local 2.
28017 Madrid


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ENTORNO Producciones y Estudios Ambientales S.L.


ENTORNO, Environmental Productions and Research S.L., is an environmental consulting firm specialized in planning, designing, development and management of environmental education programs, including dissemination, interpretation equipment and information materials in wild, rural and urban areas. Since 1988 we offer quality solutions to the needs and issues on nature conservation and management. Also, we develop different approaches on the dissemination, enhancement and use of natural, and cultural resources needed by our society on the 21st century ... In terms of biodiversity and urban rewilding, ecological vegetable gardens, nature links, hydrological forestry, etc., keeping in mind education programs for sustainability, interpretation and environmental communication.

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Publicize and bring citizens closer to nature and their immediate environment and promote interest, knowledge and understanding of the different natural elements that make up ecosystems, the different interrelations that are established between them and the factors that influence them; raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting citizen responsibility in the conservation and defense of environmental values. To favor the development of a participatory conservation ethic of biodiversity through the knowledge and respect of the living beings that surround us; developing attitudes and skills for the correct use of the environment. Cover a demand for information by citizens on issues related to environmental sustainability, with special emphasis on biodiversity, responsible consumption, recycling and reuse of waste, efficient use of energy, sustainable mobility and quality from air.


Programas, Proyectos y Gestión de Servicios de: divulgación y educación ambiental en naturaleza y biodiversidad.