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Magdalena Vicens-Fornés




Ctra. Palma-Puerto de Sóller, km. 30.5
07100 Sóller
Islas Baleares

Fundación Jardín Botánico de Sóller


Private Foundation with a trust composed by 7 institutions: The autonomic Govern of Balearic Islands, the Consell of Majorca, The City council of Sóller, the University of the Balearic Islands, The savings bank of Balearic Islands "SA NOSTRA", the Association of Iberian-Macaronesic Botanical Gardens and the Association Balearic Museu of Natural History. The organization chart is integrated by a director, a curator, a team of gardeners and an administrative assistant. The Foundation Jardí Botanic de Sóller has 8125 m2 of gardens that shows collections of alive plant of Balearic, Canarian, medicinal, ornamental and fruit-bearing and autochthonous species. At the moment, the Botanical Garden of Sóller is working in a new collection of flora of other islands of the western Mediterranean (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malt and Crete). In the building headquarters of the Foundation, the Botanical Institute is located. Here, the bibliographical and photographic documental collections, as well as the Herbarium and the Bank of Seeds are housed. Purpose: 1. Conservation of the endemic, rare or threatened of extinction species of the Balearic Islands, as well as, the rest of the mediterranean islands and their influence areas. 2. Spreading and education for schoolchildre and general public, with collections of alive plant, exhibitions, picture competitions, conferences, monographic publications and with the edition of didactic material, as posters, booklets, etc. 3. Investigation in biology of the conservation, reproductive biology of wild species, horticulture, gardening, etc. Strength: Biology of the Conservation: It is carried out multidisciplinary and global studies at the level of natural populations of endemic and/or threatened of extinction Balearic flora. These studies include different fields of the research in reproductive biology, morphology, demography and dynamic of populations. All these knowledge allow to establish the bases for the elaboration of plans of administration of threatened species.

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principalmente plantas.

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todo(s) Islas Baleares, algunos/as Islas Canarias (España), algunos/as Islas Mediterráneas occidentales.

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todo(s) taxón existente.

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