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Marta Solsona




Avenida Diagonal, 621
08028 Barcelona

Fundación "La Caixa"


"La Caixa" Foundation is the institution in charge of administrating the resources that the Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions of Barcelona dedicates to benevolent work. The Foundation carries out its activities in four aspects: social, educational, scientific and cultural. The Museum of the Ciència, located in Barcelona, and the Museum "Cosmocaixa", located in Alcobendas (Madrid) are part of the project of scientific spreading of the Foundation. At the moment the first museum is in an amplification phase that will culminate with the inauguration of a new museum at the end of the 2003. "La Caixa", in each one of its aspects, promotes activities of spreading, formation and investigation which are directed the whole of the society. Particularly, the Museum of Science and the Museum of "Cosmocaixa" are centers of scientific spreading where two objectives are carried out: - To stimulate the visitor with the exhibitions in favor of the scientific knowledge. - to create a scientific opinion in a special atmosphere of auditories and classrooms.

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