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Spanish, data publication

Quick guide to using the IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit)

The IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit), is a web application developed by GBIF to facilitate the publication of biodiversity resources through the network. This tool allows the integration of the file adapted to the Darwin Core standard in different formats (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, text files, etc.) and easily fills in the metadata that will accompany it.

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Spanish, workshops

I GBIF:ES Workshop on Natusfera – YouTube Playlist

Videos of the 1st Natusfera Workshop held on October 5, 2017 in the computer room of the Royal Botanical Garden (CSIC). By Ana Cruz (GBIF.ES), Cristina Villaverde (GBIF.ES) and Felipe Castilla (GBIF.ES).

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English, agreements

CoopBioPlat Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation on ALA-based biodiversity data portals between the partners of this project (GBIF Nodes from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Portugal and Spain). This agreement will not only benefit all those involved in the CoopBioPlat project to address common needs in a coordinated and effective manner, but this memorandum will also be inspiring for other GBIF participants around the world with the same interests. With this agreement, it has been possible to generate a long-term cooperation framework based on the opening and transfer of technologies and capabilities.

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Spanish, agreements

Certification for the formalization of the Agreement between the MEC and the CSIC for the GBIF-CSIC National Node

Certification for the formalization of the Agreement between the MEC and the CSIC that regulates the nominative subsidy provided for in the General State Budgets for the year 2007 for the "Development of the National Node of GBIF-CSIC (Global Biodiversity Information Facility)".

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Spanish, data papers

Guide for datapaper authors in Biota

Some useful tips for publishing data articles, in this case, specifically for BIOTA magazine.

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Spanish, databases

Quick guide to choosing the type of license for our data

All presence data sets published through GBIF must be accompanied by a license that defines the type of use that can be made of said data. In 2014, the GBIF Governing Body agreed that biodiversity databases should be assigned to one of the following "Creative Commons" licenses: CC0, CCBY and CC-BY-NC.

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English, data papers

The datapaper: a mechanism to encourage the publication of data in biodiversity science

Review of the mechanisms established to encourage the publication, dissemination and reuse of biodiversity data. The data article is proposed as a way to offer academic recognition for the effort involved in editing and standardizing data and metadata.

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Spanish, report

Report on Biological Collections and Biodiversity Databases in Spain. Year 2015

This report shows the situation of the Spanish entities that produce, aggregate or manage data and information on biodiversity. This information gives context to the data published on biodiversity in the country, allows us to determine the state of knowledge and establish priorities on them, either of a scientific nature or from the point of view of the management and conservation of biodiversity and the environment. A synthesis and assessment of the entities, their collections, projects and associated data is made, with special relevance to those that publish data in the GBIF Spain Registry.

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